Leaving a Producer Intrigued With your Screenplay Synopsis

A writer without publicity is like a girl winking at a boy in the dark. She knows what she is doing but no one takes notice of it.

As a scriptwriter, there was a time I got tired of writing and saving my scripts on my PC. It was frustrating. I was like, “What’s the point writing these scripts?”

The probability of ever meeting a producer who might be interested to go through them was very slim. I was like a girl winking at a boy in the dark. He wouldn’t take notice of it same way no movie producer would take notice of my scripts because they are all stored in my PC.

The frustration was gradually eating me up till I finally came across an idea.

I had an Instagram account. Cool

And I follow most movie producers and directors. Perfect!

Now, what I did was to check out their profile page, then clicked the “Contact” button. I began sending varieties of mails; giving them a synopsis of my script including a short bio of myself.

I haven’t being lucky to receive a response from them yet but then there is no harm in trying. All I had to do was to give them a nice and captivating synopsis of my script.

A question definitely pops out, what makes a script synopsis captivating?

  • Synopsis is simply a brief summary of your script. It should be long enough to give the person reading it a clear idea about what your story is all about yet short enough to be finished within few minutes. Make it as brief as possible. Go straight to the point and don’t bore your reader with minute details.
  • It should also be able to pique the reader’s interest. Intrigue them so much with your narration that they can’t wait to read your script.
  • Narrate your story using the third person, present tense. Include key scenes and culminating climaxes.
  • A little dialogue won’t be bad but keep it short and crisp.
  • Take time to describe your characters briefly, a little of their physical appearance but more of their personality and temperament.
  • End your story with a strong last line, a memorable image or a twist that will leave the reader intrigued.

Apart from sending a bunch of emails to producers, I equally started entering for competitions. Most competitions require that you send your script synopsis. The more captivating and intriguing your synopsis is, the more your chances of winning.

Take time to assimilate and practice the tips above.

By the way, it is not necessary to give reasons why it is a great screenplay. Allow the producer to judge the story on it’s merit.

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