Screenplay Scenes; How to Write a Captivating Scene.

American flim director, producer and actor, Sydney Pollock was said,
“A great script is absolutely essential; perhaps the essential thing for a movie to succeed”.
It’s one thing as a scriptwriter to have a story; it’s another to know how to break down your story into scenes without losing the whole essence of your story.

Scenes are the backbone of any great screenplay; they are the building block of a screenplay. Without a captivating scene, you will end up getting your audience bored.

There are times when my head will be filled with movie ideas. I get excited thinking about them but then when I settle down to break the story into scenes, I usually get stuck. And to be honest, it’s very much frustrating.
When I began making research on how to write a captivating scene, I found out these tips:

-Each scene should push your story forward. Before writing a particular scene, ask yourself these questions;
1. What is the purpose of this scene?
2. Does it reveal anything about the characters?
3. Does it push the story forward?
4. If this scene isn’t included, would it affect the story?

– Don’t just allow your characters chat nonstop in a particular scene without blending it with some sort of action. You need to keep your audience focused. They will certainly get bored watching two characters just idly chatting while nothing happens.

– You need to cut the crap and quit including unnecessary dialogues and action scenes. If you have a character waking up, preparing and driving to work, then walking into his office to find out it has being burgled, you are showing too much. Cut off the first three parts and rather have the character walk into his office to find out it has being burgled.

– End each scene dramatically. It is actually a perfect way to add twists and suspense to your story and make it captivating.

– Create a smooth transition between scenes. For example, you could end one scene with the door closing and begin the next scene with a door opening. But then you should allow the transition flow naturally; you don’t have to include it in every scene.
– You could also add secrets and mysteries to your scenes to keep your audience intrigued.

These are the few tips I learnt though and they have been helpful. I hope you find them helpful too.

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