The Rapist Written by Awo Kingsely Emeka.

That morning, you were home alone watching Merlin — a series that had been the talk of the compound — when you heard a knock on the door. You paused the movie to go see who it was, your heart taking a leap when you met the glowing face of Adanna, your landlord’s daughter behind your door.

She wanted to know if she could join you in your room. She told you her parents weren’t home, and how she was feeling bored with having to stay all by herself with no one to talk to. You obliged, and she seemed genuine happy that you did as she asked you to give her some minutes to lock her room.

On the screen, Merlin was trying to tell Prince Arthur Pendragon to be wary of the witch, Morgana, when you closed the door to put your room in order before Adanna returns. You were too busy with straightening the bedsheets and arranging your clothes to notice that perhaps, Merlin’s message wasn’t for Prince Arthur alone.

You were almost done when Adanna knocked at your door again, and this time you told her to come in as you hadn’t locked the door. She entered with just a towel hanging delicately above her cleavage. Before you could ask her why she had returned from locking her door without being dressed, she had already started asking you to have sex with her.

She was walking towards you when you regained your voice and ordered her not to move any closer. You were so busy telling her why you weren’t interested in having sex with her, that you didn’t notice when her beautiful smile turned into a sinister smirk. In a swift move that caught you unaware, she grabbed your hand and pulled you down with her as she hit the floor. You were still trying to wriggle free from her hold when she screamed, “Somebody help me! Help! He’s trying to rape me!”

Almost immediately, you saw the angry faces of people creeping into your room, and without caring what you had to say, descended on you like rain, their blows hitting you like an avalanche till you couldn’t even tell how many men were hitting you.

You thought of your innocence, her accusation, and what your family would think of you when they came back and heard you had tried to rape a girl. Will they even believe your side of the story without thinking you were lying. You thought of life — your life — and how you might not even get the chance to see your family again should the blows continue to fall.











Awo Kingsely Emeka is a law student at Ebonyi State University who has passion for writing.

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