Learning How to Write a Comedy Screenplay.

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No matter how much we try to downplay it, the movie industry treasure two kinds of stories; comedy and love stories but more of comedy.

You know why? Because it’s cheap to make and they are enjoyable projects to participate.
The word “funny” may have different meaning but in the field of Filmmaking, it means “Making an audience to laugh”.

Having said that, learning how to write a comedy is very tasking. It is hardwork. It is not easy to make people laugh. No, it’s not.

Someone once told me, “If your story doesn’t make you laugh, then it’s not funny”. You are your own number one fan. So, when writing a comedy screenplay, make sure you find it funny. Your screenplay should make you laugh.

After writing take a break, perhaps a week or so without thinking about your screenplay. Then come back and read it all over again. If you still find yourself laughing while writing, you are definitely on the right track.


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