This is Not a Tale of Lost Victory Written by Ngunan Ioron Aloho.

J’aime mon pays- CAMEROON

The night was cold, Mrmes and I sat at one corner of the dimly lit room close to the window panes, devastated over the news we had received from Bameda the previous night.
There were chaos, uncertainty and death.

Maama’s line had gone dead in the middle of our conversation. she gave a disturbing news. Sambo, our neighbour had been taken out of the house to an unknown place, his fate also unknown.

How I hated bloodshed, I could imagine just how Seno, Aita and Malone would be running helter skelter pursued by faceless invaders.

What did it matter if I spoke French or English?
Qui “yes”, I could speak both. I have had heard of countries that lived in peace and co existed together even with 100+ languages.

‘Massah, Ivie sent a message that the Internet has been locked down, Maama can’t be reached now but I am sure she will be fine’ Mrmes said softly, struggling to keep calm after crying all night.

Lost in thoughts, I hadn’t noticed when she left me and returned back with the news.

She looked so sober, I didn’t reply her, I felt sorry and helpless. How could i reassure her when I had no idea what was happening?

Our people are being killed, and maama was there, how long would it take before it got to her?

Swiftly, a thought crept in. That could be our answer!
We could live in peace again, we could accept our differences and turn it into our strength.

Yes, I got it.
‘Maama will be fine, Eru’ I replied after a deafening 20 minutes of silence. She looked at me astonished at my sudden change in attitude. I ignored her stares.

‘All will be fine again, our Cameroon will be just fine’
This is not a tale of lost victory, it is a tale of HOPE…














Ngunan Ioron Aloho is a graduate from Benue State University.
She is a social activist, an entrepreneur and a writer.  She is equally the founder of Samuel Ioron Foundation (SIF). You can reach her on Facebook via Ngunan Ioron Aloho.

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