Paid Writing Opportunity: Flash Fiction Online is Currently Open For Submissions

Flash Fiction online is currently open to all submission categories. It strives to publish fiction that presents the full variety of humanity in it’s pages. They encourage submissions from writers of every stripe.

What they are looking for:

They are seeking stories from 500 -1000 words in length. Stories should be short, strong, have interesting characters and plots.

Writers of every race, religion, nationality, gender and sexual orientation are free to submit.
They do not publish poetry or fiction with poetry-like formatting.

They respond within 2days to 10weeks and pay $60 dollars per story if accepted.

Do you have an interesting story? Click here  to make your submission.

Helpful Tip:
Flash Fiction is a very short but complete story with resolved plot and strong interesting characters. It is not a story synopsis or a scene from a novel.

To know more about how to write a great flash fiction, click here

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