Fiction: I Didn’t Know Where to Put it Written by Awo Kingsely Emeka.

I met her that evening unexpectedly lying on my bed, naked. The desire in her eyes told me she was mine to have. I was happy she wasn’t ready to let her faith come in between us. My whole body burned and nodded amazingly to the offer.

During the foreplay, which I was no longer a novice to, I listened to her moans as I smooched, kissed and sucked from the nape of her neck to her soft lips down to the firm chest that offered two luscious fruits; I decided not to waste any more time but to slide south.

I felt wetness all over her panties by the time I had peeled it off, it made me feel so proud that I didn’t care to ask her ‘the way’ to her honey pot since as I came to realize, there seemed to be more than one hole.

Thinking it must be somewhere directly atop her veejay, I had launched into a fruitless effort of pricking and pushing onto the the surface layer believing that with the right amount of pressure coming from my frightful erection, something will give way for me to enjoy my most fantasized penetration.

Alas, How wrong I was!

Babe waited and waited for something to happen inside and feeling slightly irritated, she literally dragged me into her precious wetness, beneath!

Oh! That transition sent a sweet and soothing chill down my spine that immediately rocked me into ecstatic action. I dug in deeper, and deeper until there was no more space inside. Then I  began as if to withdraw and getting almost out, I plunged again. The wriggling of her waste and tightening of her legs around my back together with the funny sounds that escaped her lips possessed me such excitement and thrill I never experienced before.

I instinctively fell in rhythmic with her moaning as I rocked back and forth in rhythmical madness, throttling from Europe to America, all over the planets to paradise, until I head her call me to stop in a voice I hardly recognised to be hers. Faint and satisfied.

She thanked me and said that it was her first real sex and that the orgasm was explosive. I smiled inwardly and reminded her not to forget that at first, I didn’t know here to put it.







Awo Kingsely Emeka is a law student at Ebonyi State University. He has so much passion for literature. He spends his free time penning down stories. You can reach him on Facebook via Awo Kingsely Emeka.

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