Twisted Circles Written by Ngunan Ioron Aloho.

Ivse was tied to the pillar at the far corner of the room, bleeding, her face bruised with thick red blood patches. Her arm was twisted and hurt a lot. The thick rope squeezed her stomach.

Her frail little figure slopped on the cold, hard floor, filled with stained rags and debris of hair. Her linen creamed dress was ripped from top to button. Her lips were swollen with tickles of blood around them. He towered over her, rolling the knife in his hand back and forth with a devilish gleam in his eyes. He was enjoying this. She felt so sick.

She squeezed her eyes closed and flinched from the pain. The hollow look she gave, was one of resignation. She was no longer scared, just tired.
She hadn’t imagined it would get this bad.

Sefa had been a hopeless romantic who had swept her off her feet 11 months ago. He cared so much for her, never shouted at her, not even a harden glance to show his disapproval over her overbearing tantrums as he would call it later.

They had gotten married 4 months after dating to the glaring disapproval of his friends and some members of his household. She had bought a house in a serene environment before meeting sefa and had insisted they moved there to cut costs and reduce interference from their families and deceitful friends. All had been fine until that one night visit from Luter, his best friend.

‘You’re not a man if you don’t control her, man, that bitch will leave you. She controls everything, she got the balls not you. Why hasn’t she changed the house name to yours? Check it.’

He never mentioned it to her but his attitude changed afterwards. He would get irritated at little things. And became more demanding.

He wanted control of everything, the house, the company, and the cars. He even took money from her personal account without consulting her.

It had been a quiet afternoon, after making lunch, sefa was in the bathroom while she had been packing for the weekend visit home.

Grrrrrrrring….his phone had rang, it was an unknown number and she had picked.

‘Hi babes, when does she leave?’ The person on the other side had coyly asked.

She didn’t get the time to answer back. The next thing that happened was the phone swerving fast to the floor, and a thunderous hard sound, that landed on the face. And another. Then another. It had been a terrible afternoon.

Sefa had access to all the phones, answered calls, but that afternoon was the first she had had to pick his call.

She had wanted out. All his begging and remorseful attitude never lasted for more than a week. It was treacherous. She could never bring up the issue of the Girl who had called, fear alone wouldn’t let her.

She endured some more, and had tried to run back home last night but that had aggravated his anger instead and he had beaten her to a pub and tied her to the pillar in the garage room.

‘You foolish, shallow woman, do you know how much insult I had received because of you? How am not man enough?’

His fists was clenched so tight, he could explode.
‘This is your house, the furniture, the cars and all I had to do, was your biding. Because you have money and I don’t? He paused for effect, and got no response.

‘You know i checked the house papers, and it’s still in YOUR name!

What??? This has all been about the power? Who had the money? She couldn’t believe her ears. His transformation astound her. She made to speak but couldn’t.

‘Rich girl….. I am not gonna hurt you much okay, just cut here, here and maybe here. This will teach you a little respect alright?
As the knife connected to her right limbs, she gave her loudest shrieked shout!

‘No no no no…..please..

Ivse, wake up, wake up now!

She struggled to open her eyelid and found herself surrounded by her friends….in her bed. All smiling at her, with rows of roses around their head.

She had been dreaming!

‘It’s your surprise bridal shower silly, Sefa can’t wait for tomorrow.’

She stared at her friends, wide eyed. The dream was becoming a reality.





Ngunan Ioron Aloho is a law graduate from Benue State University.

She is a social activist, an entrepreneur and a writer.  She is equally the founder of Samuel Ioron Foundation (SIF). You can reach her on Facebook via Ngunan Ioron Aloho.

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