Lagos Is Like a Smart Slay Queen Everyone Wants

So, my dad called me this morning and the first thing he told me after we exchanged greetings was, “It was in the news this morning that a girl was kidnapped at Surulere last week and her kidnappers used some of her body parts for rituals”.

“Aww……that’s so unfortunate. May her soul rest in peace”, I replied but it was a response that got my dad slightly furious. “My friend, I am not telling you this to elicit a sympathetic reply from you”, he chided. “The reason why I am telling you this is so you know the kind of city you are; a den of hoodlums. I hope you haven’t been going out of the school premises?”

Seriously, I had no idea how I was able to resist myself from bursting into an uncontrollable laughter. 😂😂

I was like, “Dad, are you for real? It’s like you don’t know the kind of daughter you have o”. Like, how can I be in a city like this for the past six months and I wouldn’t love to explore?

But then, all these were in my head though. I didn’t voice them out. He was just been a caring and concerned father. So, I understood. I could remember vividly the day our Law school posting came out. Dad was seriously expecting that I would be posted to either Abuja or Enugu; he had no idea the plans his beloved daughter was already making. That morning I told him that I have been posted to Lagos; the news knocked him off his feet.

Like, amidst his joy that I would be going to Law school, his face still brimmed with shock and disappointment. He didn’t like Lagos and when I asked him why, his only reply was, “It is a city for hoodlums”. Oh well, I am sorry Pops, there is nothing you can actually do about it. 😅😅

My kind of person? I love exploring and Lagos really looked like a cool place to explore. The chaotic streets; the agberos; the crazy conductors, I didn’t really give a fuck about them. I knew I could cope.

With my experience so far, Lagos is not the easiest place to live in. The city with its noise can run you mad; the people are impatient and the drivers are crazy. Each time I board a bike, the first thing I do is to ask God for forgiveness and then I go ahead holding my breath till I get to my destination. That’s how scary I find it. And as for jumping buses? It’s an art I am gradually learning.😂😂

But then as exhausting and chaotic as it is, Lagos blesses you with a sense of purpose; it keeps you at your toes especially with the pace at which the city moves. Everyone is busy; you can’t be in the city and be idle. Even the jobless ones are busy with their joblessness; either begging on the streets which is literally an occupation here or jumping from one company to the other attending job interviews.

Yes, the city is way too overpopulated. People keep tripping into the city with the mind-set of tapping into the endless opportunities and making it in life. Lagos is like a smart slay queen; a spectacular looking girl in a mini skirt, with endless sexy legs. Her outfit suiting her to perfection, showing off her incredible body and making her look irresistibly sexy that every man wants her. Both the young, the old, the broke, the rich; but the question is, are you ready to deal with the competitions? Elbows out. Everybody is trying to take their piece of the pie. All trying to beat their own path. If paths cross, FUCK YOU. They have to keep on moving.

I don’t know about you but Lagos is a fun city. Plus the opportunities for young wealth creation is amazing. And considering the fact that I am way too passionate about being in the movie industry and Lagos is the hub of entertainment industry, give me one reason why I shouldn’t explore the city in search of opportunities? As for my overly concerned dad, he will be fine. I will be safe too.😊😊

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