Scum Has No Gender; Ladies Could Be Worse Cheats

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I know you probably have your brows furrowed the moment you saw the title. I mean, I am a lady and I am supposed to be supporting my fellow female species but here I am insinuating that we could be worse cheats. Crazy, I know but really let’s call a spade a spade.

In a society that thinks men are scum because it’s rare to meet a guy that is faithful in his relationship, it’s probably awkward to say that ladies could be worse cheats.

In fact, when a relationship goes south, without asking questions people tend to presume that the guy must have been a community dick. But then, on a serious note it is not always the case. I am not trying to say that men don’t cheat but aren’t there ladies who do the same?

When I was still in school, a friend told me about one of his guys that was crazily in love with his girl. Both of them were still students but dude still tried as much as he could to mix their romantic relationship with some cash. Davido wasn’t stupid when he sang, “When money enter love, E sweet”.

Dude kept trying his best until one Saturday morning. He was in his room playing chess with some of his friends when someone entered and informed him that his supposed sweetheart was in church saying “I do” to a nigga. Dude laughed, said it wasn’t possible. He thought it was a joke but still followed his friend to the church and lo and behold, his darling girlfriend was there, beautiful in her wedding dress and walking down the aisle with another nigga.

When I heard the story, I tried putting myself in the guy’s shoes. It must have seemed as though he was standing before a firing squad at the sound of the Commander’s echoless cry “Fire!” as the sight would feel like a blast of several guns with bullets wrecking his heart.

There was also this story I heard too. Dude had been dating the girl for like two years. As usual, both of them were students. One Saturday, babe told her boyfriend that she was travelling to the village to see her parents. She stayed away for like a week.

When she returned, her boyfriend visited her. After doing whatever they had to do in the other room, babe came outside to get something and met one of her friends who happily asked her how her wedding went and how it felt like to be married. Babe gave her reply and while they were gisting, dude was inside eavesdropping to their conversation.

Each word felt like a bullet. There were so many questions hovering around his mind. It turned out that when his girl told him she was travelling home to see her parents, she was actually going for her wedding. When he couldn’t bear listening to their conversation any longer, dude collapsed in the bedroom.

There was also this story I read some time on twitter. Dude met his girlfriend who he genuinely loved and wanted to marry. Long story cut short, a day came when dude was on Instagram looking through his girlfriend’s pictures and BAM! He saw the love of his life and her husband’s wedding pictures.

I hear these stories and shiver. Things are actually happening mehn! Funny thing is we don’t get to hear these stories often because men would always be men. They would rather hide their emotions than let it out.

It is very rare to see a guy ranting or complaining about heartbreak because to them, it means “being weak”. Growing up, they have been taught how to mask their painful emotions; how not to cry no matter how hurtful it is. So they rather chill at the club with some friends, drink themselves to stupor and move on.

This is unlike ladies who will rant and cry till there are no more tears to shed. They will add all sorts of ingredients to their story so that it can favour them.
On most social media platforms, we have ladies complaining about their relationships; seeking for advice here and there and we think men don’t face problems in their relationships too? Just because they chose not to talk about it doesn’t mean they don’t experience it.

Another reason why men don’t get to share stories about their heartbreak is because they probably think it’s embarrassing. I mean, how can he tell his fellows guys that he paid a surprise visit to his girl but met her in bed with another nigga? The only thing his friends would do is to have a good laugh and yab the living hell out of him. So, they would rather suck it up than spill.

I am not in any way trying to say that men don’t cheat. But the word, “Scum” shouldn’t be attributed to men alone. Scum has no gender. Ladies could be scums too.

Most ladies can be manipulative as fuck. It is possible that a lady can spend the night with some other guy then come back home to meet her angry boyfriend who had been calling her all night. All it will take is a smile, a baby face, a pout and a touch on some of the strategic places on his body to get him feeling like he has the best girl in the world.

So, guys… Ever been heartbroken before? Share your experience in the comment section.

10 thoughts on “Scum Has No Gender; Ladies Could Be Worse Cheats

  1. because of the information we have growing up, we tend to be negligent of the fact that emotions do not have gender. Nice piece Ann.

  2. My last relationship was draining. Lets just say she was very manipulative. Girls can be scums too. Well written, Ann.

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