The Quickie I Had With 2018 Taught Me Enough Life Lessons

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Wait, are we just about to say goodbye to 2018? It is just few hours to go and I am wondering where this year had gone to. Dear 2018, it’s more like we just had a quickie. Like, I don’t understand. So it’s almost over now?

Well, the fuck was really a short and a quick one, yet an intense one. You were really good but nah, I can’t crave for more. You have taught me enough lessons.

  • Everything happens with time;

This crazy ass year made me realize that everything happens with time but then a whole lot of us are way too impatient to give ourselves “Time”.

From my twenty two years of existence, I literally spent seventeen whole fucking years holed up in this tiny ass State called, “Ebonyi”. Lol, it was crazy.

My bestie was always like, “Primary school, Ebonyi, Secondary school, Ebonyi; University too, Ebonyi. What the fuck! You will probably marry one Ebonyi man and then your children will continue the cycle” – She knows saying those words was the best way to get on my nerves.

Damn! It was so annoying but there was nothing I could do. It was always felt like I was in a box – I saw the same people every day, I went the same places every day. It got to a point when nothing excited me anymore and daydreaming about the kind of life I wanted to live became my huge escape.

Well, that’s what happens when you grow up with a strict father that would always want to restrict your movement. Even going to ordinary Enugu that is just an hour drive from Ebonyi, I can count the number of times I had to sneak out from home. Lol, but like the saying goes, “Nothing actually lasts forever”.

This year alone, I have travelled more than I even imagined I would and it has being so fun. I am way too adventurous, I love to explore, and so, staying one place is definitely not my thing. This morning, I looked back on all those years I always went green with envy when my friends talk about their travel escapades, I smiled and told myself, “Ann, everything really happens with time”.

  • Stop waiting for opportunities and create them instead;

My dream since I was twelve had always been, “To write and produce movies”. Ten years later, the fucking dream is still alive and it leaves me with no option than to passionately follow it.

I was always looking out for opportunities. I can’t count the number of times I sent emails to some top filmmaking professionals; I can’t count the number of screenwriting interviews I have gone for; I can’t count the number of short scripts I submitted for competitions, I did all these without any positive feedback.

This year, it got to a point when I asked myself, “For how long would I keep waiting for the right opportunity to actualize my dreams?” The whole shit was no longer making sense; it was tiring, annoying and depressing. I stopped chasing after opportunities, sat my butt down and decided to create something on my own. I wrote and shot my first short film, “BitterSweet Day”, submitted it for a festival that earned me an award, “Best First Time Producer”.

Whatever dream you hold so dear, life is too short to keep waiting for one stupid ass opportunity that will lead to your big break. Create the opportunity instead. Start now. Start where you are and with what you have. Start with fear, with pain, with a trembling voice, with your hands shaking. Just make sure you start and don’t stop. 2018 taught me this.

Before you continue reading, I’d like you to watch my short film  here and drop your reviews.

  • Friendship does not need to be old to be true;

We all have this mindset that old friendships are the strongest and bound to last forever while young friendships are nothing but a fickle.

That is why most of us would have old friendships that are obviously abusive and toxic but we would be too reluctant to pull out. You keep telling yourself, “We have been friends since we were babies” – and so fucking what? A true friendship doesn’t always have to be old. There are young friendships that are incredibly strong. The question is not how old your friendship is, what matters is the intention behind it.

2018 has really been an eventful year for me though. I cried. I laughed. I smiled. But most importantly, I learnt my lessons. And yes, I think I am ready for 2019.

Dear 2019, I hope you don’t fuck me so hard. It may not be my first time but I prefer it gentle. Be good to me. I am really looking forward to meeting you. My bed is well dressed patiently waiting for you.

Lol, Happy New Year in advance everyone. I didn’t write much for you guys this year but I promise to do better come 2019.

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  1. Beautiful piece,Ann. But what’s with the plenty use of the ‘f’ word? Lol. Shine brighter, hun. U’ve got a big fan in me

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