Dear Writers, Submit Your Manuscript And Get Published By Kachifo Limited

Kachifo Limited is an independent publishing house founded in 2004 and based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Kachifo Limited is a child of optimism, born at a time when globalisation was beginning to take root in the world. There was a need for a platform from which African stories could be told without any self-consciousness or external guidance. The life of the company started with the Farafina Magazine in 2002. And in 2004, the literary imprint, Farafina, took off with Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus and soon became the home of several other leading African authors.

If you are a Nigerian writer, you would know what it means to get published by Kachifo Limited. So dear writers, this is an opportunity to submit your manuscript and get published.


To have your work considered for publication by Kachifo Limited;

  • Send an email to, including a strong excerpt of about three chapters or 10,000 words saved in Microsoft Word, a one-page synopsis of the work, and a short author bio. (Note that a synopsis is not the same as a blurb or a teaser. A synopsis should contain ‘spoilers’, and should give a summary of the entire story, including and especially how it ends.)


  • The sample of the manuscript should be properly formatted (double-spaced, left-justified only, 12pt Serif font). Our preferred font is Courier New.


  • Introduce yourself and your work in the query letter in the body of the email. The subject of your email should be the title of your manuscript followed by the word “Submission”. Your submission will be acknowledged and assessed by the editors.

Click here to read more about their guidelines.

I wish you the very best as you pick up your dumped manuscript, dust it and submit.



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