How Writing From Personal Experience Gives Your Story A Unique Voice

As a writer, over the years I have realized that I get more engagement on my write ups whenever I romance them with my personal experiences.  I find it easier and more fun to write about my personal experiences than doing a research just so I can come up with something to write about a particular topic.

As writers, most times it is impossible not to write from personal experience because that is all we have. That is the sole reason why every writer is an observer. We walk into a room but instead of mingling, we sit at a corner and observe others, from how they speak to how they laugh. From our observations, we would be able to insert their characters in our story. That is virtually how it works.

Been Too Logical: One of the Common Mistakes Most Aspiring Scriptwriters Make.

Before I came to Lagos, I wanted to write a story set in Lagos. In as much as I had the story all arranged in my head, it was difficult writing the scenes because I had no idea how Lagos looked. The least I did was to do my research but still I couldn’t get the clear picture until I finally came to Lagos.

It was from my personal experience in the city that moved me to conclude that Lagos Is Like a Smart Slay Queen Everyone Wants

As writers, by observing the rhythms of our own lives, it helps us create screenplays and books that feel very real to our audience. Most times, what makes a movie an interesting and popular one is how well the audience relates with the story. That is why Tyler Perry’s Acrimony became a very popular movie because we were able to relate. So next time you are struggling with a scene, stop and imagine the events preceding and following such a scene if it were happening in “real life.” Knowing this “real life” sequence helps us organize the fictional one.

While I was roaming online last night, I came across this write up by Marilyn Horowitz on how to use personal experience to write better stories. Click here to read more on how writing from your personal experience helps to give your story a unique voice.


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