Help! I Love My Girlfriend But I Am Tired Of Pounding Her Pussy; I Didn’t Sign Up For This

Cindy may be effortlessly beautiful, she may have the endowment that can turn every guy’s neck when she walks into a room, she may be smart and bold, and she may be the kind of girlfriend that makes her man forget he has a phone when he is with her, she may be a wife material but I am tired. My dick is tired of pounding her pussy. Seriously, I didn’t sign up for this.

I met Cindy two years ago at a campus fellowship. Then, she was still a church girl. Her innocence and the fact that she was unaware of her beauty was a huge turn on. Before we started dating, she told me she was a virgin. I told her to take her time – whenever she feels she was ready to have sex, and then we would.

We dated for two years. During those years, we only made out – we did everything but penetration. I noticed how she got wet easily but then, no matter how wet she was, she was always quick to stop me from penetrating.

When I asked why, her reply was, “If I start having sex now, I may not be able to hold myself”. I laughed it off, told her not to worry about it. I mean, isn’t that what every guy wants? To have a girlfriend that is a sex freak.

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I thought that was what I wanted until the D-day came. The Mekwe happened! I finally popped her cherry. While I was still trying to catch my breath after the first round, she was already asking for a second round. This was a girl that just got her cherry popped. Wasn’t she supposed to be in some kind of pain or something? But no, she wanted a second round.

According to her, she didn’t know sex was that nice. That night alone we had sex five times in three hours. The last round, I literally passed out with her on top of me. Then early the next morning, someone was already whispering in my ear, “Baby, let’s have sex again na”.

It’s been three months since we started having sex and I am still wondering what I just unleashed. Babe is always ready for sex 24/7 and she is always happy to. It doesn’t matter when, where and every time it’s like I gave her a diamond ring or something. My friends wish to be in my shoes but they have no idea what I am passing through.

These days, having sex is now like a chore. She is always wet. We can literally have sex 12 times in seven hours straight and when I tell her it’s enough, she forces me to take an energy drink. I seriously love this girl but my dick is currently screaming for help.

My small man is tired of continuously pounding her pussy. What should I do? Even on her sick bed, the moment I playfully tell her “Let’s have sex”, the sickness vanishes. I am tired seriously. What did I just unleash?

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  1. Guy, your dick is not the only tools you have , my brother if am you I come to the war. Fuck her well come to my school so you can have a BSC in fucking your woman..

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