Ezeudo Chigozie Hope!!! Ann’s Bleeding Pen Woman Crush Wednesday

Hey lovelies

So as promised, we would be having some Man Crush and Woman Crush every Monday and Wednesday.

Today, I am crushing on one of my loyal readers, Ezeudo Chigozie Hope. I met Hope through a friend actually, my mate in secondary school. Dude chatted me up one day and was like, “Ann, I know you are into movies and all that, I have a friend that wants to be an actress, and can you help coach her?” And I was like, “Err…no problem. I will be glad to help”. Even though at that moment, I had no idea how I am supposed to do the “coaching” thingy. Me that is still looking for mentor.

Anyway, that’s how I got to know Hope. She is a year one student at Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Akwa. From her name, “Ezeudo”, you will know she is a correct Igbo girl.

According to Hope, she loves swimming, dancing and reading. And yeah, she talks a lot; like, she can literally talk all day with you if you guys share the same vibe.

One thing I love about her is her smile. Damn! It is just so beautiful and contagious. Are we going to talk about her cute dimples? They are just so cute.

Cute smile

And then her outgoing nature. She is really free-spirited.

To support herself in school, Hope makes waist beads, beautiful ones at affordable prices. But for now, delivery is only within Akwa, Anambara State. So if you are in Akwa and you need a waist bead for yourself or your girlfriend, Hope is always at your service. Let’s help support her.


Babe is not really a social media person but you can always reach her via Instagram @amcharmingg; or whatsapp via 08163550104.


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  1. Hope is really beautiful, gorgeous, hardworking,caring and intelligent. There is never a dull moment with her. Am happy for you girl

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