Success Does Not Happen Overnight, Let That Sink!

I was actually chatting with a friend yesterday night. It was an interesting chat because, well, we were talking about filmmaking and all. While chatting, he mentioned something about an EP jumping on a film project once the script is good. And then it hit me, my next reply was, “Remember when I asked you the meaning of EP? That was November last year. I had no idea who an EP was or what the person does”. Of course, he remembered and we laughed over it.

It actually got me thinking. Honestly, there are times I feel stuck in this career. Like, I feel as though nothing is working, my mates are shooting some stuffs, making the right connections and all and I am still stuck with clients asking me for scripts but never pay up after the work is done; or even doubting my capability because well, I am just an upcoming, who knows me? I am still stuck trying to get my voice out there; trying all I can to just get myself out there but nothing seems to be working.

Really, sometimes I get tired and wonder if I would even make a name in this career; I get carried away by these thoughts that I forget to realize how far I have come. Like, as at this time last year, I was so clueless about filmmaking. Aside camera, I didn’t know any other equipment. Let’s even forget that. Imagine an EP, ordinary Executive Producer, I had no idea what an EP meant or what the person does. Shey it’s the same me now that is now speaking film language up and down. And I have even shot a couple of short films. Lol, I remember all these and I laugh.

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Most times, a lot of us think that we are stuck in a place, that we are not moving forward in life. That nothing is working. It gets you depressed and frustrated. I get that we all want to make it, we all want to blow by all means. In fact, ask an average Nigerian youth what he or she wants right now, the person will just tell you, “I just want to blow abeg. Anyhow, make person just blow”. Everyone of us wants to make it as soon as possible but the universe doesn’t work that way and that’s why a lot of us are depressed; that’s why a lot of us are frustrated.

You see, this journey to success is a very slow one. Really slow that if you don’t have the patience to follow through and enjoy every moment, you will seriously lose your sanity over it. Seriously, I have decided to just chill and let events play out on their own. I would just do the little I can and leave the rest for the universe. I can’t kill myself. I am tired of the constant headaches and nightmares because I usually over think issues and then get scared of the future.

You think you are not moving forward in life? Pause and think about where you were or what you knew few months back. Think of the opportunities that have come your way that you have benefitted from. As long as you are constantly doing something to achieve whatever dream you have, there is no way you will be stuck. Just know that. You may not be where you want to be now but you are certainly not where you used to be.

The process is slow, obviously and you really can’t have everything figured out at once. Move at whatever pace you can, stop thinking so much about the future.

See eeh, if high blood pressure kills you, life would go on; people would continue having sex, partying, having babies, and practically enjoying life. So chill sweetheart, trust me, the journey is worth it. All you have to do is to be patient and trust the process. Celebrate each milestone you achieve no matter how small.

Success doesn’t happen overnight, after all.

Happy Sunday!

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  1. “people would continue having sex, partying, having babies, and practically enjoying life”. 🤣🤣🤣 Aswear. Life goes on

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