Some Life Lessons Filmmaking Process Teaches Us

If you have been a frequent reader in this blog then you probably know how passionate I am about filmmaking. It is a craft I don’t joke with. If I am moody and you want to get me talking, just bring up “Film” as a topic for discussion and watch my face lit up. That’s how much I love the craft.

This is my first year as a filmmaker and with the little experience I have had, I think the process of making films teaches us many essential components of living a good life. Like, there are so many life lessons filmmaking teaches us. I know you are not a filmmaker and you are wondering why the heck you are still reading this.

Chill, you don’t have to be a filmmaker to understand this post. Even though you are not a filmmaker, don’t you love watching movies? Don’t you want to know what the process is like? And how these processes are similar with our everyday life? And the lessons it teaches us? I know you want to know, so, here we go!

First, filmmaking teaches us how to break our huge goals into smaller parts and complete each part in an orderly way.

Recently, I told some friends about my plans on making a documentary. That’s like one of my 2020 projects. Now, this is a very huge goal as far as I am concerned but it is not something I will just jump into without making the necessary preparations. For every filmmaker out there, making a film often starts as an idea; it is now left for the filmmaker to break down that idea into series of actionable steps so that the idea can become a reality. From writing the script, to doing a storyboard or shot list, then hire crew, scout for locations, etc. The process is a very long one and that is how it is in real life.

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We all have dreams – what we want to achieve whether career-wise or relationship wise, and it is not something we can achieve at once. It takes time, planning and persistence. Break down your goals into small and actionable steps and you are on your way to making your dreams a reality.

Filmmaking teaches us how to be more creative when solving problems.

When I was making my second short film earlier this year, I was really worried. It was a horror film and from the story I had written, there were some tricks I was wondering how I could pull off. One of my friends told me straight up that we can always work around it – there is no film trick that cannot be achieved. He is one person that believes that in filmmaking, every problem has a solution. The question is how creative are you?

And that is how it is in real life. I mean we all have problems and struggles we are dealing it. And most of the time, we get so overwhelmed with these battles and think we don’t have what it takes to solve them. Instead of dwelling so much on the problem at hand, why not shift that mindset of yours and be more bothered on coming up with the solutions? Personally, I don’t think there is a problem that cannot be solved. Well, except death.

With filmmaking, we get to learn that when we are stronger and capable of achieving much more when we work together.

You see, film is never a one person thing. It takes a village to make a film. Even though the vision might come from someone, the person still needs to employ a good deal of manpower and wide range of skill sets to actualize that vision – you need a screenwriter, a director, a producer, an editor, a production manager, a set designer, a makeup, a gaffer, a cinematographer, etc. And anyone working in the film in a creative capacity leaves their mark on the film in some way. Make a film alone and see how you would flop. Or better still; the movie wouldn’t come out great compared to when you work with people.

This goes a long way to teach us that in life, we need each other for our survival. No matter how much of a loner you are, you need people around you. Relationships and friendships are most likely an important part in our lives. Most of us would come to social media and put it out there how we don’t need anyone blah blah blah but is that really the case? You push people away yet deep down; you are craving for a connection, someone to be around you. Let go of our ego and seek for these friendships. My philosophy lecturer those days would always say, “Man is a social animal”. I think that’s probably the only thing I learnt in that man’s class.

This is all I have for now but I am pretty sure there are other life lessons filmmaking teaches us. Are you a filmmaker? Do you think there are other lessons I am missing, hit the comment section and share.


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