5 Brutal Honest Reasons Why Ladies Are More Attracted To Bad Boys

Bad boys

Why do we ladies love bad boys? Why are we so attracted to them?
I have pondered on this for a long time because I am a victim. Every time I complain about how I want a man that will be crazy about me, be nice, treat me like the queen I am and just take care of me. I meet these guys all the time but guess what, after a few weeks, I get bored and I want to move on.

Yeah, I know it’s crazy and you must have seen this scenario play out a lot. You see beautiful, well rounded, bright-future ladies stoop to the level of unaccomplished and unqualified bad boys. What do they get in return? A broken heart and a swollen face full of mascara infused tears. Why?

Ladies often talk about how much they want a nice guy in their life; guys that will treat them like they are the only girl in the world. They come across such guys and instead of appreciating and sticking with them, they call them boring and go for the ones that will mistreat and leave them heartbroken.

Well, to show you how bothered I am about this, I had to ponder on it for a very long time and then came up with these brutal but honest reasons why ladies are more attracted to “bad boys”.

Honestly, ladies do not like bad boys just because they are bad. Rather, they are attracted to the qualities these bad boys have over the qualities of a nice guy. Calm down. I know it is fucked up but I am going to tell you those qualities.

Bad boys are so damn confident.

Bad boys are confident, straight forward and are not afraid to flirt or tease a girl. I have had a guy tell me, “Ann, forget all these hard-to-get games, I am going to make you mine”. Honestly, that statement shut me up and if I like 40% likeness for that dude, it automatically increased to 80%. Meanwhile, there is one guy somewhere saying the right things, begging to just go on a date with me and I am bullshitting him. See, don’t judge me. It happens to a lot of ladies too.

There is something about a guy who is confident and looks like he does not care. A bad boy does whatever he wants when he wants it – and for some reason that makes you want him even more. Bad boys assume that every lady likes them even without any significant proof. And without hesitation, they will go for it, shoot they shot and if they get rejected, they are not going to be upset by it either. They move on.

They do not push it too much. This high confident demeanor exuded by bad boys make them more handsome and appealing to ladies. And we all know how incredibly sexy confidence is.

They are mysterious

Bad boys are so unpredictable and ladies love it when a guy keeps them guessing on what he going to do next. One minute he is the most romantic guy in the world, the next minute, he is treating you like you don’t matter. This is a trait that nice guys don’t have and it’s the reason why they are called, “boring”.

Bad boys don’t normally give a fuck about a lady’s feelings. They can leave in the middle of a conversation and won’t reply to her text messages.
Even when she wants to hang out, he will be too busy and not available. He doesn’t place her on top of his priorities. Funny enough, these mistreatment make ladies like them more and they keep chasing, instead of allowing him to do the chase.

Bad boys have good fashion sense

Most bad boys are so good in fashion. They know how to make a statement in their clothes and they often have the right body to compliment it. Ladies love it when their man looks and smells nice.

They are adventurous

Bad boys don’t play by the rules – they do things outside the box. They are always willing and ready to explore with a lady whether indoors or outdoors. If it is indoors, they know how to spice things up in the bedroom. They know a lot of sex styles that will leave a lady craving for more. And that is a huge turn on. With them, ladies get all the fun and excitement they want.

Bad boys are a constant challenge

Bad boys are always a challenge. Ladies spend quality time trying to figure them out or learn their game. We go into a relationship with them thinking that we can change their rebellious and renegade ways.

Because ladies are naturally “nurturers”, we usually have this false impression that we can fix a bad boy’s tendencies and mold him into the caring, considerate and committed person we want him to be.

We tell ourselves, “I will change him, he will change for me, he just hasn’t met anyone worth changing for yet”. Even when we see that our efforts are not working, we keep trying, hoping that time will soften him. And if we ever get to change him, he will never let us go.

Wake up sis, it is not your duty to fix him. If you try to build a relationship based on your need and desire to change your man’s bad behavior, you are on a destructive path. And guess what, you can never change a man unless he decides to make a real change for himself.

In conclusion, just like we ladies get attracted to bad boys, it is the same for guys – they love bad girls. These girls will lie and cheat and still blame them for their crappy behaviors. I do not know why we fall for people like this – maybe because they are so good at the game they play. They offer passion, compliments, devotion, and great sex to make up for their “crappy patches”.
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3 Replies to “5 Brutal Honest Reasons Why Ladies Are More Attracted To Bad Boys

  1. Well, I agree with you in the aspect of bad boys and their quality but for girls ………. It entirely different case …. Girls are confusing so is our personalities .

  2. Everyone wants a bit of adventure. The “bad” boy comes unhinged and as such, brings a full package while the good guys come with all the trappings of the right things which end up being boring as you have rightly put it.

    A palatable experience is one that has all the taste sensations in it: sweet, sour, bitter etc
    The bad boy gives you all that.

  3. May God punish you all. Guys are getting smarter though. Don’t cry to us later that where are all the good men

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