5 Smart Ways To Stay Motivated And Pursue Your Dreams

Stay motivated

Most times, having a dream is not enough – what truly matters is, how much you are motivated to pursue those dreams.

With the decisions and little accomplishments I have made in my life, a lot of people have asked me, “Ann, how do you do it? I wish I had the kind of motivation you have”. But truth is, motivation is very elusive, it is so hard to maintain.

I am not always motivated. There are days when I lose it and all I just want to do is throw in the towel. It’s pretty tough. Even the gurus, the billionaires, those we see on T.V, read about in Forbes and the so-called motivators lose their motivation from time to time. They all seem to be crushing their goals and bagging a lot of achievements but behind closed doors, these folks also have a hard time staying motivated.

It is normal to feel unmotivated from time to time but that does not mean you should not look for ways to fight off that feeling before you get drowned by it. And your dreams buried.

I took the time to write this article for those of you who want to achieve more in life; those of you with big and scary dreams but constantly looking for ways to stay motivated and achieve those goals.

Pen down your dreams

Penning down your dreams makes it easier for you to visualize them. I have a separate journal where I have all my dreams written down and on days I feel reluctant or numb to do anything, I look through my journal and find my dreams staring at me. Immediately, I snap out of that mood.

When you write down your dreams and visions, subconsciously, you will be more deliberate in your actions, figuring out the next necessary step to take to make that dream a reality.

Have a habit trigger for your dreams

A habit trigger simply means, “An intentional reminder that will prompt you to take a particular action”. For instance, you can have stickers with motivational or inspirational phrases in your room or workspace. It can also be a short note reminding you to do a certain thing, act in a certain way or strive for a specific goal each day before you leave the house.

As a writer, let’s say you have a sticker with “Write every day no matter how busy you are” written on it and each morning you wake up that is the first thing you see. No matter how tired and lazy you are that day, you must find a way to write.

Break down your goals and dreams

Yes, your dreams are supposed to be big and scary but do not bite off more than you can chew. You might have this dream to be “Foremost writer”. That is the main goal but you still need to break it down to small but actionable chunks like “Writing 500 words every day”, “Getting published in literary magazines”, etc.

The dream is still to be a foremost writer. But having these small goals behind it and rewarding yourself each time you achieve them will increase your level of motivation.

Rest and take good care of your body

It will be easier to stay motivated and move towards your dreams and goals if your mind and body are healthy. So, in all of your hustle and bustle, do find time to rest. East healthy too and work out as often as you can.

Remember to have some fun

You might not be a kid anymore but that does not mean you should give up playtime and stop having fun. Life is not that serious. Always make time perhaps once every week to do any fun activity you love. That way, your level of energy and motivation is recharged.

Staying motivated is not always easy. It takes a lot of work. But even though we are not always 100 percent motivated, it is important to maintain a level that allows you to pursue your dreams.

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