Coronavirus: How To Stay Productive When You Work From Home

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With the recent outbreak of coronavirus, a lot of us now spend more time in our homes even on workdays trying to stay sane. Almost all companies are shut down mandating their employees to work from home to curtail the spread of the virus. So, you wake up every morning and instead of reporting to your office, you find yourself on your couch dressed in your pajamas and busy with your laptop trying to reply to an email from your boss – with or without corona, work still has to go on.

The output has to be the same but the environment is not. And it is not always a smooth transition.

The truth is that working from home is not as rosy as it sounds. For those of you doing a 9-5 job, there was a time you envied freelancers like us that just sit at home, do our work and earn. Well, now that coronavirus decided to deal with humans and you have no option but to work from home, do you realize that in as much as working from home seems great, it can also be a productivity nightmare?

 I tell my friends this a lot,

“Working from home is not as cool as it sounds. It takes a lot of discipline to sit your ass down and get some work done. Without discipline, you will end up not achieving anything for the day aside from goofing around on social media, eating, and sleeping”.

Though working from home has its perks. At least, you get to wear whatever you feel like or even stay naked if you want, you can decide to work anywhere and anytime you feel like – do things at your discretion. No boss is breathing down your neck, after all.

But despite all these, the question would be, how will you be able to manage your time and be productive while at home? Whether this is your first time working from home or you need a quick reminder, this post is for you. So, until the spread of coronavirus is curtailed, below are some of the tips to help you be more efficient while working from home;

Avoid working in bed

Well, I will be honest with you – I do not always follow this rule. There are some days I wake up and the first thing I do is grab my laptop from the table and start writing. Most times, I do not stand up until maybe late in the evening. But I can tell you one thing – I am hardly productive any day I work in bed. Most times, I end up sleeping or scrolling through my social media feeds throughout the day.

If you want to be productive, get up every morning, freshen up, and get dressed just like any other day.

Have a workspace

You are hardly productive if you are working in bed – it induces laziness. So, try and have a workspace. Even if it’s just your dining room as long as there are a table and a chair, you are good to go. Or you can decide to go out of your way and create a personalized work area. This includes adding elements that promote an inspiring or calm setting.

Set your schedule

Writing down my to-do list for the day has a way of helping me achieve my goals. Don’t just start the day clueless – have a plan, a to-do list, set your schedule, establish your start time, launch breaks and what time you will round up for the day. This will help you keep track of your workload and you will get to achieve more.

Keep your phone far from you

Working from home comes with this temptation to always check your phone for messages and recent news trending. Remember, your boss is not with you. So, there are no chances of you being caught busy with your phone when you are supposed to be working. Learn not to stay close to your phone and turn off all notifications.

What I normally do is this – since I work from my dining room, I usually switch off my data connection and drop my phone in the bedroom. I know my phone is my greatest distraction, so, I try to stay away from it as much as I can whenever I am working. You should try this too.

These are the important tips you should try and learn. Coronavirus has destabilized the world and we do not know how long this lockdown will last. And you cannot afford to be useless every day simply because you think working from home is all PJs and NETFLIX.

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