Does Sex On The First Date Mean A Lady Is Cheap?

sex on the first date

“Does sex on the first date mean a lady is cheap?” As popular as it is, I still don’t understand why we have to ask this question. If a lady decides to screw a man on the first date, why should it be an issue? Why is she the only one called “Cheap”? Did she have sex with herself? What about the guy she had sex with? Is he not cheap too?

There are guys that sleep around a lot. They don’t mind having sex with any lady the first day they meet, yet they turn around and badmouth these ladies that they have slept with for having loose morals.
This doesn’t make sense in any way. If being a slut is a bad thing, then you are as slutty as they are. You guys had sex together, so, who the hell are you to judge them?

“Does sex on the first date mean the lady is cheap?” I took this question to social media and got some answers.

Romanus said;

“Not at all. I feel she does that because she loves me. A girl that doesn’t love, if you like, let her come 10 times, nothing for you”.

Sylvester said;
“Sometimes women have sex on a first date because they don’t see a future with you”.

Donald said;

“No, it doesn’t mean a lady is cheap at all. A lady might not have sex with you on the first day but she can be super cheap than the ones who give it all up on the first day”.

Onyebuchi said;

“I think it means she is grounded enough to know what she wants and brave enough to pursue it”.

Kahinde said;

Lol…I don’t think so…People need to grow up from seeing people as cheap…it was gonna happen anyway…so what the fuck?! They are cheap too for having sex with a lady during a first date…We both fucked each other…and we both enjoyed it…we should take the same ownership of whatever shit we did. This sexual judging has a lot of implications on sexual orientation. A lot of women can’t tell what they want and how they want it because they are afraid they will be judged”

For me, I think sex on the first date means that the lady found the guy interesting and sexy enough to want to be intimate with him. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that. That does not make her cheap in any way.

Now, do not read this post and start fucking guys on the first date. If it doesn’t sit well with you, then DON’T DO IT!! It’s okay if you want to go on several dates with a guy before getting down with him.

Thing is, when it comes to sex, it’s always better to “DO YOU”. Understand and act on your values rather than playing roles based on society’s expectations. And trust me, if you are confident in your decisions, you will be able to look past the slut-shaming because, at the end of the day, you were true to yourself. No one decided for you.

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5 Replies to “Does Sex On The First Date Mean A Lady Is Cheap?

  1. Well, you said it already, I don’t even know know we still have to keep writing about it. I guess the transition from a patriarchal society is going to last longer than we had hoped.
    A guy’s always a player and a girl is a slut, that’s quite a deranged point of view to be honest.

    You were bold enough to write about it, I am glad to see that many responded to it positively.

    Did you also get any negative or unfavorable responses to your question?

  2. This shouldn’t be a conversation in the first place. Whether she decided to go down on the first day or not, it doesn’t change a thing about how they see each other and what they feel for each other.

  3. Well , having sex in your first date is not being cheap . Ours society today doesn’t see pass the surface of a situation rather they judge with what they see.

  4. No decent person had sex on the first date, hence the cheapness. Whether male, female or hermaphrodite, cheap is cheap. The most common denominator during this period is maybe the parties were so attracted to each other that they threw caution to the wind and did the bunny dance, forgetting their values (that’s if they had any in the first place—hence the cheapness as cheap things don’t have value but I digress). Don’t let your penis/vagina think for you. Have a little respect for yourself, sucker!

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