The media was awash early this week with the story of Perfect Okorie, the Abia State APC Scribe’s dutiful backing of the visit to former Governor and Chief Whip of the Senate,Dr Orji Kalu by the Speaker, Abia State House of Assembly and scion to former Governor T. A Orji, Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji.

For whatever that matters in the visit, Okorie’s action, inaction and even concern in the matter is neither here nor there. Someone has repeatedly inundated me with  the question: What concerns the State Secretary of the APC with a call by Party adherents of the PDP for their Speaker to resign? My answer is simply that I do not know what was at stake for the APC Party Secretary, Perfect Okorie,in the whole drama of call- for- resignation of the Speaker by his cherished Partymen and loyalists with whom the have run Abia aground and driven poverty to breaking point.

The call not to overheat the polity by Perfect Okorie even goes to the extent of higher foolery for the so-called Secretary of the Party in opposition in Abia State,who curiously parades the title of Barrister from only- God- knows- where, without acting like he has been anywhere near a Law Faculty,when he completely displayed his gross ineptitude and understanding of the high office he occupies in the APC, by electing to momentarily suspend his office to act as an honorary Spokesman to Rt. Hon. Chinedum Orji, the Speaker who , alongside his equally detestable father, left Abia high and dry after the eight inglorious years that the locusts completely ate!

I do not understand Secretary Okorie’ s euphoria at seeing the two former Governors,who bled Abia State black and blue for sixteen dry years, reconciling their most unpalatable differences. Of course,what does it matter to us ,the victims of their high greed and rudderless, unaccountable leaderships if they stay till thy- kingdom- come without as much as passing the time of the day between each other? As they say in our common street parlance here: which one be our own self; wetin concern udele with barber? 

Surprisingly, people like Perfect Okorie,who for his position in a Party in the opposition in Abia State should know better, now tries to make it look like the reconciliation between the two Orjis and their families, including cronnies and political leeches,is the next best thing that has happened to the world since the discovery of penicillin! I dare ask,is Secretary Okorie too politically naive to understand that the reconciliation of these two Abia families means nothing other than more years of perpetual torment and political tyranny for innocent Abians still smarting under the unambitious and foisted leadership of a sleeping Governor Okezie Ikpeazu?

To tell you the truth, I have always been revulsed with uncanny detestation at the characters of most of those the APC chose to lead it in Abia State. From the State Chairman to the Secretary and down to the Abuja- based Publicity Secretary, I most times ask myself if the Party is serious about taking over power in Abia State with this sleeping bunch of State Party Excos, who, I ‘ m afraid,think the success of a job merely lies in parading the title of such a job. There is more to it,my brothers; and I think the earlier you know that, the better. 

Those State officials of the Party are running nothing but their tommies,using the machinery of the APC. They lack leadership finesse, comportment and elegance. They display crass ignorance of their perception by the public. Tell me,how can a Party leader of anyone’ s fancy be seen taking little girls that are their daughters’ ages to cheap hotels and tomorrow turn around to issue statements in the media?

What kind of feedback does that kind of a leader expect from the public? Come to think of it,the manner they even communicate with the press makes me rather sick. Most times,as in the case of Perfect Okorie,they do not realise that when a senior Party official speaks on a matter,it is the Party that is seen to have spoken. Simply put,the Executive of the Abia APC is clueless,inept, without ambition and peopled  by men of low self-esteem and character.

Or how else does one describe the fact that  all that we have seen from the Abia State Executive of the APC these past years are the kinds of political and reckless faux par that Perfect Okorie has displayed in his well- orchestrated press statement in support of the State Assembly Speaker and his unholy re- union with their formerly estranged godfather and Abia Tormentor- in- Chief, Senator Orji Kalu along with  whom they,for over sixteen years,midwifed what could pass for the biggest governance heist in the history of State administration in Nigeria.

In a saner clime,for that unnecessary and uncalled- for statement by Mr.  Perfect Okorie, call for resignation and vote of no confidence would have been the mantra on the lips of Party men and women in Abia now. But, because, with the presence and support of a highly compromised leader, Sen. Kalu,who I have always considered an embarrassing baggage in the journey of the APC in Abia State,inept and politically naive characters like Perfect Okorie and others in the Abia State Executive Committee of the APC will continue to parade themselves as members of Party Excos with no vision,no dream,no drive and lack of everything about leadership initiatives.

May God bless Abia APC faithful; may God bless Nigeria.

Mr. Chidi Nwanganga a member of the APC and Public Commentator, wrote in from Aba, Abia State

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