Throwback Thursday:  Popular Philippine TV Series  We Can Never Forget!

Philippines TV Shows

Once upon a time when Philippine TV series kept our ass glued to our seats and eyes to the television. This was long before Netflix and other streaming sites became popular and made us forget how DVDs work. These Philippine TV series were so engaging that everyone always looked forward to the next season. Their love-themed stories pulled out a lot of emotions from us – excitement, anxiety, tension, suspense, fear. They made us laugh, cry, and wish to have the kind of love we saw on screen. We were addicted.

Below are some of the Philippine TV series I remember watching those days;

Mara Clara

Mara and Clara, Popular Philippine TV Series 

Okay, this was the first Philippine TV show I watched and guess what, it was my BEST! Mara Clara tell a story about two girls, Mara and Clara who were born the same day but switched at birth. Mara, the kind one, grew up with a poor family while Clara, the spoilt one, grew up with a rich family. The girls finally realize their true identity and had to adapt.

I have a little secret – after watching this movie, I fell in love with Mara and checked her out on Facebook, found her, and sent a friend request. To date, she is yet to reply to my message. To even think I was excited when I found out that we share the same birth year. That was how obsessed I was.

My Eternal

This was my second best. My Eternal tells a story of two young lovers – Daniel and Katarina. They were trapped in a world of greed and betrayal. Daniel’s father, Marco is from a rich family and the heir to the Montenegros’ vast winery. He meets and falls in love with his worker’s daughter, Emily. Marco’s mother does everything in her power to make sure that the two love birds don’t end up together.

When Daniel was born, Marco’s mother puts him up for adoption and makes Emily believe that her baby was dead. Daniel grows up as a poor worker in the Montengros’ winery, not knowing his true identity. He suffers so much pain but despite all the misery, he falls in love with his employer’s sister, Katarina. But unfortunately for him, Katarina marries Marco’s legitimate son, Nathan. Daniel ends up leaving and crossing paths with his mother, Emily, who turns out to be rich and successful. Together, they plot how to bring down the Montenegro Empire.


I watched Marimar when my interest in Philippine movies was already dwindling. Marimar tells the story of a poor and naïve woman, Marimar. She lives on the beach with her dog and her grandparents. Her carefree life changes when she meets Sergio, a rich dude who falls in love with her. The two love birds get married not knowing the hostility they are bound to face from Sergio’s family.

Her mother’s Daughter

Her mother’s daughter is a compelling story about two friends, Celyn and Margaux. The girls grew up living opposite lives. While Celyn was raised poor in a remote area, Margaux lived the life of a princess as the heiress to the biggest shoe company in the country. The girls who never knew that their lives were intertwined end up studying the same university. They become best friends until it is revealed that Celyn is the long-lost daughter of Margaux’s adoptive parents. The revelation fires up their rivalry.

Double Kara

Double Kara tells a story of twin sister, Sara, and Kara who grew up in a poor but happy family. When Kara is diagnosed to have leukemia, her mother is forced to separate her from her sister as she couldn’t afford to pay for her medical treatment. Years later, the twin cross path but conflicts arose when Sara became jealous of her sister who appeared perfect.

These are the only Philippine TV series I can remember. My obsession with their stories started fading gradually when I realized that they always have the same storyline – children switched at birth, one growing up with a rich family and the other with a poor family; their paths would cross later in life and they realize their true identity. They end up fighting about everything – love, status, family, and what-not. I mean, I got bored at a point. Plus the stories are always long. But all in all, they made our teenage years very interesting.

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2 Replies to “Throwback Thursday:  Popular Philippine TV Series  We Can Never Forget!

  1. Have never really had interest in anything with no action, but I remember watching Mara and Clara. I didn’t have any choice though, I had surgery and couldn’t walk for months. My cousin’s fiancee couldn’t put any other thing but that…no choice. It was a nice series though.

  2. I guess I’m the only one that is not carried away all of this…

    It was never a thing of interest for me

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