Why Every Broke Lady Should Not Think Of Dating A Rich Man

Broke Ladies, Stay Away From Rich Guys - Here Is Why

I hate playing the devil’s advocate but there are a lot of downsides to dating a rich man. Keep reading to find out.

Last week, Bea Lewis, an American restauranteur and alleged ex-girlfriend of African’s richest man, Aliko Dangote took to social media and announced that the billionaire broke her heart in “1000 pieces”.

The first line of her post read, “I dated the richest black man in the world. He broke my heart into 1000 pieces”. In a world where humans play victim after a failed romantic affair, one would expect that the rest of her post will be about how badly Dangote treated her and how he was such a scumbag.

But she left us with a raised brow and an open mouth. “Surprise” was an understatement.
According to Bea, Dangote broke her heart into 1000 pieces yet she had a lot of good things to say about him. In her words, “Communicating with a billionaire daily makes you see the world different”.

She admitted that her relationship with the business guru made her more organized and she was finally able to step away from her daily kitchen operations. She also learned to love without strings and how to give her best without expectations.

Dangote changed her perspective on work ethic. And one her perspective changed, the universe led her to people who uplifted and increased her net worth both mentally and financially. She was able to purchase two properties as well as a profitable stock portfolio.

Reading this post, a lot of questions were going through my mind. If Dangote was this good, then why did the relationship fail? Why did he break her heart into 1000 pieces? How did that even happen?

Bea’s second post on Instagram answered the questions. Here is what she wrote;

“Imagine dating someone that has everything you could ever dream of? What can you offer them? Sex? Look? No. He can have almost any woman in your wildest imagination. Informative conversation? He is the smartest man on earth. So, you just listen. Cook for him? He has the best chef in the continent. Dating someone of that magnitude makes you question who you are, your successes, your attractiveness and your worth as a woman and that’s no fault of him. He is simply him. Perfect. Wiser than anyone you have ever met and his presence is unforgettable”.

I couldn’t help but agree with Bea though. It takes a lot to date a rich dude. The movies make it look easy but trust me, it’s not. When you are broke, it is easy to swim in by the fantasy of landing yourself a billionaire who will love you to a stupor.

As a lady, if you are basking in this fantasy, I am sorry to break your heart but this strategy rarely works. At least, not outside Nollywood movies.

Below are some of the downsides of dating a rich man;

Your self-esteem will be reduced to nothing

Just like Bea rightly pointed out, dating someone who has everything you can ever imagine will make you question who you are, your attractiveness, and your worth as a woman. What exactly do you have to offer him when they can get almost anything they want?

Dating a rich man is hardwork but if you want to have a happily ever after with one, take your time and build yourself both financially and mentally. Establish yourself. You should have something going on for you. Why do you think most rich men opt for women in their class?

You will spend ample time warding off women

Rich men are like sugar cubes, no matter where they are hidden in a room, ants will always find them. Dating a rich man is like running a marathon every day. Your mind is constantly wondering the number of girls currently shooting shots in his DM, workplace, or his business trips. Can you handle that?

You will feel obligated to do things for him

I had a friend who traveled to visit one rich dude she met on social media. The guy paid for her flight ticket and on arrival, they ate stuffy, overly rich meals in the hotel restaurant, shopped in expensive boutiques.

At the end of the day, when clothes are off, soft music playing and their naked bodies collided, my friend couldn’t bear the first thrust. According to her, the sex was strained. The dude was so big down there and was not patient enough to get his woman wet before moving in.

The bottom line is – the sex was bad yet my friend didn’t know how to tell him to stop. She felt obliged to sleep with him since he’d brought her there and had spent lavishly on her. Who was she to say no?

If they ever got into a relationship, the pattern would continue. Dating a rich man just beacuse you enjoy the

lifestyle it affords you, makes it harder to set boundaries, and harder to stay in control.

With these in mind, would you rather date a rich man, an average man, or a hustling guy? Let me know in the comment section.

2 Replies to “Why Every Broke Lady Should Not Think Of Dating A Rich Man

  1. I would rather date a hustling guy because he will value you more .
    Also setting your boundaries will be more easier and have your self esteem intact .
    Dating a rich guy is very stressful because of the expectations they want from you.🌹

  2. Bottom line, find someone your class or someone slightly above you. So that when you stretch your hands upwards you can touch him with ease or with little stress.

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