5 Men Explain What Wife Material Mean To Them

Wife material

What qualities make a woman a “Wife material?” I have pondered on this question a lot but can’t seem to find an answer. Urban dictionary defines wife material as

A woman who is about her business. She is educated, can hold her own in a conversation, is generous but takes no shit. She will put your need first and will give you breathing room as a man. She does not always have to look like a supermodel either because when those looks fade, she will have something valuable like wifely duties to back it up”.

While I may agree with the definition offered by Urban Dictionary, some men will not agree with it. To them, a “perfect wife” is any woman who stayed home to take care of the kids, cook, keep the house in order, and satisfy him sexually whenever he needs it.

There are a lot of articles online discussing traits that make a woman a wife material. Truth is, people are different. What matters to A may not matter to B and that is why the definition of “wife material” will always be subjective.

With this in mind, I took it upon myself to ask some men their definition of “Wife Material”. Do they like them docile and submissive? Or hardworking and career-driven?

This is what each of them said;

She must be someone that can keep a family

She must be the kind of woman that does everything to keep the house in one piece. She must not be smart. Not everyone is smart, after all. She must not be too beautiful. I just want a woman dedicated to making sure that everything in the family is going in the right direction.

A woman that got your back

Wife material is that woman that even when the world is against you, she’s got your back. She is that woman that no matter how rough things get, she will always be there for you. She is that woman that even when you are lost and have no one to run to, she is right beside you telling you, “I am here for you”. She is that woman that will never let you go.

Submissive and respect my opinions

She must be submissive and respects my opinion though not as a zombie. She must be sharp-witted, enduring, and brings out the best in me. She must be very beautiful too. I am ugly already. I wouldn’t want to have ugly kids.

Must be able to think for herself

Wife material is any woman that can think for herself. She has to be hardworking, submissive too without losing her dignity and supports me morally and financially.

One that compliments my life

Wife material is a woman that compliments my life, adds value, appreciates with time, challenges growth, and loves unconditionally. One that understands mistakes, maintains confidence, sustains our relationship, relaxed in our house, and loves abundantly. She is spiritually minded, enjoys the place of laughter, and more importantly values Gods and the family.

These men have different definitions of a “wife material”? So, now over to you, as a guy, tell me what makes a woman a “wife material” and if you are a lady, what qualities do you think you have that makes you a “wife material”. Tell me in the comment section.

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