You Are Not A Mistake, You Are A Miracle

A Mistake

Do you ever feel like you have no place in this world? That you were a mistake? Do you ever feel like everyone around you has their shit figured out except you? Everywhere you look, particularly on social media, everybody seems to be living a fulfilling life, career-wise, and relationship-wise.

But look at you trying so hard to keep your head above the water; trying to figure out why the world is just so cruel to you. You are getting drowned in your struggles so much that you ask yourself, “Why exactly am I alive?” “What’s the point being alive when there is no place for me on earth?”

I know you can’t stomach the pain any longer but can I ask for a small favor? When the sun has set for the day, I want you to step out of your house and look at the night sky. Do you see how beautiful it is? With the diamond stars and the luminous moon? Do you realize that the same being that created the beautiful night sky you are staring at also thought you were a brilliant idea and created you too?

What does that tell you? Our creator doesn’t make mistakes in his creation. He is the perfect one. Everything he has placed on this earth including you has a purpose. So, you are not a mistake. You were born at a certain time because your creator wants you to witness something that will either impact you and/or others.

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It may take years for you to finally figure out your purpose in life; it doesn’t matter how long it takes, all that matters is that you do not give up this fight.  You are needed for something, sweetheart.

Every circumstance surrounding your birth is a miracle. You growing inside your mother’s womb was a miracle. The air you are breathing is a miracle. The idea of your existence is a miracle. Please remember this when the world and the people around you make you feel like you don’t matter.

Don’t give up now. The struggles you are facing now right are not the end game. Rather they are part of the journey to finding your purpose.

I hope these words don’t go in one ear and leave through the other. I hope you find solace in the fact that the creator knows you are a brilliant idea and that’s why he sent you to this world. I hope you stop banging your head against the wall of insecurities and shame.

I hope you stop comparing yourself to others who seem to have their shits figured out. I use to do this a lot until i realized how bad it was for my mental health. The more I kept comparing myself to people who I though were “Perfect”, the more I felt less of myself. But today, I hope you don’t follow the same footsteps.

I hope you stop judging yourself because of the mistakes you have made in your past. I hope you don’t stop fighting no matter what the world tells you. When the struggles knock you off your feet, I hope you get right back up and keep fighting. 

I hope you realize that you mean so much to someone; someone thought about you today and smiled. You are not a mistake; you are not a problem.  You are one hell of a brilliant idea from our creator. There is so much greatness ahead of you. And you can only witness it if you hold on, just for a little while. And trust me, it will be worth it.

Step out today with a firm belief that you are not a mistake but a miracle.

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